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145.230 (- / no PL) Vigo, Edgar, Clark, Vermillion, Parke, Clay and Sullivan
146.715 (- / no PL) overflow for Vermillion and Parke
444.600 (+ / no PL) UHF link into 145.230/r
146.685 (- / 151.4Hz) as a backup

Thursday, September 4, 2008

444.350 antenna party July 23, 2004

A few years ago, some of us were out at the 444.350 repeater site installing two antennas that have been used in Illiana Skywarn operations. One was a multi-bay vertical and the other was a yagi.

I remember pulling an unending tag line, a well as eating greasy fast food in 90 degree heat, and the most exciting of all...seeing what happens to a full water bottle when it hits a barbed wire fence at terminal velocity from 400 feet.
The last was accidential of course.......

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